DR.STHAMER EAGLE - AFFF (aqueous-film forming low-expansion foam concentrate)


Product description

EAGLE-AFFF is based on interfacial and surface active derivates. Fluorine additives, foam stabelizers, preservatives and anti-freezers add their excellent to the products.



EAGLE-AFFF is designed for use as a low-expansion foam and can be sprayed over long distances because of its specific density. the high water releasing capacity of EAGLE-AFFF favours film formation, increases flowability, shortens the extinction time and cools the source of the fire. the aqueous-film also extinguishes parts of the surface where the foam still has not reached and prevents reignition where the foam blanket has ruptured. the foam is oil repellant (oleo-phobic) i.e. it does not pick up fuel and is, therefore, particularly suittable for "sub-surface" foam application.

EAGLE-AFFF extinguishes class A and B fires safety and produces a gastight covering on the liquid surface. it is also stable to fuels with low proportions of polar solvents like alcohols and aother additives.

The main uses of EAGLE-AFFF lie in the petrochemical and chemical industries, at airport and on offshore installations.



EAGLE-AFFF is used, principally as alow-expantion foam, with all the usual equipment and installations to fight class A and B fires. Depending on the quality used the concentrate is mixed 2 or 6 % with water, sea water, brackish water and processed indutrial water do not effect the quality.


Compability with other foam concentrates

Equivalent foam concentrates can be mixed with EAGLE-AFFF in any proportions upon extinguishing operation and for immediate use.


Compability at extinguishing operation

EAGLE-AFFF foam can be used with other fire extinguishing foams and also in combination with suitable fire fighting powders.



EAGLE-AFFF can be stored for long periods in the closed original barrels or in non-corrosive plastic-or stainless-containers at temperatures UP TO +50C. short term freezing and thawing does not interfere with the quality.


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